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The Web And Web Technology

September 3, 2012

Since my end game is ultimately to be a Rails developer, I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on my understanding of the Internet and the technologies involved with standard web development.  Knowing Ruby is key to being a Rails developer, but there are other technologies that must be understood in order to be a good Rails developer (html, css, javascript, http and http requests, databases, etc).

Udacity has a great course for learning (or brushing up) on these kinds of things.  In Udacity’s course entitled Web Development(CS253), the entire course is spent building a blog.  However, it doesn’t just focus on the server side language.  Rather, it focuses on the entire web stack.  I’ll be enrolling in this course in order make sure I have a solid foundation in fundamental web technologies.

So, just to summarize, here is my current method of learning:

Learn To Program: The Fundamentals for helping to make sure I have a solid foundation in core programming paradigms
Programming Ruby (Book) for learning the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language
Model Thinking for helping to think through and organize information logically for the purpose of writing better and more logical code
Web Development for the purpose of making sure I have a solid foundation in core web technologies

So, I have a pretty full plate of learning over the next few weeks, but I feel quite invigorated in this quest.

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