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Update: The Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course

October 8, 2012

I can’t say enough good things about The Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course.  Seriously, forget trying to learn Ruby by piecing together bits from a variety of sources.  If you want to learn Ruby, and I mean REALLY learn Ruby, then take this course.  I promise you that it’s a $200 investment that you won’t regret.  Purchasing this course has launched me in two days further than I’ve been able to get in months of trying to learn on my own.

As of this moment, I can, without using any notes for reference, write my own Ruby classes and instantiate them flawlessly.  I understand instance variables and how they are used in Ruby apps.  I understand object attributes, their significance, and how to use them.  I understand why/how to use the “initialize” method in a Ruby class as well as when and how to use the “attr” (Ruby’s getter and setter) class methods.

It’s amazing how quickly the fog in my mind is clearing.  I’m absolutely thrilled with my progress.  The next lessons will deal with how objects interact with other objects.  That’s where the rubber really meets the road in Ruby development.

In order to be fair to the Pragmatic Studio, I’m not going to post any samples/examples from the course.  However, I’m going to write my own little Ruby app after the course is finished using the principles that I’ve learned, and I’ll push that app to my Github account.  I’ll post the URL once it’s ready.  Until next time.


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